Toddler day care set to launch at Churchfields

We have plans to launch a morning day care session for tiny tots and their parents/carers in the coming months, to encourage community engagement and help to build relationships outside of our home.

Intergenerational involvement within care homes has been shown to benefit both parties. Our residents will be given the opportunity to welcome the children into their home and serve as role models, resulting in increased optimism, larger social networks and being able to better care for themselves.

It is hoped that endearing relationships will be forged as part of our aim to get youngsters and the old alike engaging in fun activities together within our home and the beautiful grounds that surround it. The sessions will also foster a sense of community engagement, through the interactions with the youngsters.

In return for their enthusiasm and curiosity for life, which will be endearing for our residents to watch, the children will benefit from improved social skills as well as teaching them about ageing.

Any parents wishing to enrol their little ones onto the monthly scheme should contact Churchfields Care Home on 01865 881440.

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