How to make Mother’s Day special in a care home

Mother’s Day is approaching – an opportunity to spend some quality time with the woman you cherish the most. For many people, this will mean trying to plan a celebration for an elderly mother living in a care home.

There are a range of special activities you can do with your mother to show your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day.

Get the whole family together
A mother loves nothing more than having her whole family around her, especially on Mother’s Day. If your mum is in a care home, she will be missing her family so this Mother’s Day, get your siblings and other family members together to plan a visit to the care home or organise a lovely dinner at home.

Spending quality time together is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give your mum.

Take your mother out for the day
If your mother is mobile enough to leave the home, it may be that you go for a stroll around the village or to a local park with a nice picnic, weather permitting of course! Think about what your mother enjoys doing the most? Perhaps she would enjoy being taken back to a familiar setting, where she has fond memories, or a trip to the local cafe for a spot of afternoon tea? Is she an art lover? Would she appreciate a trip to the museum, or an outing to the zoo to see her favourite animals?

Whatever you decide, the thing she will enjoy the most is spending quality time with her loved ones.

Stay in the care home on Mother’s day
If your mother must remain in the care home, there are still endless ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day. The purpose of Mother’s Day is to spend time with your mother. Something as simple as sitting down with your mother, talking about your week and reminiscing on old times can mean a lot to her.

Participate in an activity together
At Churchfields, we will be hosting a range of Mother’s Day activities for you to enjoy with your mum. Alternatively, change the scenery; take her on a slow stroll around the garden. This is especially a good idea if the sun is shining.

Treat your mother
Get her a small gift that will mean a lot to her such as a framed photograph of the family, or a video of the grandchildren. It will help her to feel loved and thought about.

The greatest gift a mother can give is her love, and it’s the most precious one that she can
receive too. The more people celebrating the day with her the more love she will receive, so bring the grandchildren along.

This Mother’s Day, do something nice for your mum that she will remember forever. You can get in touch with us by giving us a call at 01865 881440 and we will be happy to help you arrange something special for her.

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