Churchfields celebrate ‘Good’ CQC inspection result

In February of last year I had the pleasure of purchasing Churchfields Care Home in the beautiful village of Cassington. My aim was to create a safe home from home where residents felt well cared for and were treated with the love, dignity and respect that they so deserve.

The team and I were delighted when we received a ‘Good’ CQC rating during an inspection recently, with our kind-heartedness and ability to make residents laugh noted by inspectors.

Over the past 18 months, Churchfields has transformed into a place that I am proud to call a home and it is my belief that our achievement has been down to an excellent team of staff who work tirelessly to provide the best environment possible for our residents.

For me, the one thing that I believe is essential to living happily in a care home is for residents to be given a real sense of purpose and a connection to the community in which they live.

At Churchfields we have a strong link with the local area and members of the community are actively encouraged to visit residents in our home. This ranges from Wednesday coffee mornings, to pub lunches, sing alongs, and Tipsy Tuesday’s.

Our extensive refurbishment work is set to be complete at the end of this year. Once finished residents will be able to enjoy their new bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting areas and landscaped courtyard. Our home is set in a beautiful location and we want to ensure that the charm and character of village life continues once people step through the door of Churchfields.

The ethos and values that I have set out for Churchfields follows that of our sister home, Rosebank, in Bampton. We are very proud to announce that Rosebank has just received an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating.

If you’d like to pop in and see how the refurbishment is coming along or for a friendly chat, feel free to come in and introduce yourself. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Jane Roberts, Owner

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