Weald Hall Care Home, part of Premium Care Group (PCG), recently hosted an imaginative Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for its residents, with a focus on promoting nutrition and hydration.

The event was honoured by the presence of Epping’s Mayor, Cllr Christine Burgess, and Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Cherry McCredie.

Mayor Cllr Christine Burgess delivered a speech on the importance of nutrition and hydration. She was particularly impressed by the creative catering at the party, which included teapots made from melons and toadstools crafted from tomatoes and cheese and food labelled “eat me” in classic Alice in Wonderland theme. She commended the staff for their innovative efforts, stating she had never seen anything quite like it.

The event was not just about nutrition and hydration, but also about fun and engagement. Live music filled the air, and staff, residents, family members, and Deputy Town Mayor Cllr McCredie took to the dance floor, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere.

Weald Hall Care home manager, Danielle Barham, explained that she is always seeking inventive ways to ensure the residents maintain a nutritious diet. She emphasised that proper nutrition and hydration are critical aspects of care, as they help prevent health problems.

Alice in Wonderland Theme Brings Magic and Memories

The event was thoroughly planned by the lifestyle team, Charlie and Leigh, who ensured every detail was considered. Staff members got into the spirit of the event by dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, with senior staff member Claire delighting residents as the Cheshire Cat.

The beautifully renovated care home provided the perfect backdrop for the themed event, which concluded with a screening of Alice in Wonderland in the home’s cinema room.

The day was made even more special when resident Roy had a surprise visit from a greyhound from the local shelter where he used to volunteer. Roy was overjoyed to spend time with Len, the glossy black greyhound, and reminisce about his time spent with the breed he loves so much.