A resident at a Premium Care Group (PCG) home in Epping was delighted after being surprised by a visit from a beloved rescue greyhound.

Roy Turner, from Weald Hall Care Home, once volunteered at a rescue greyhound centre and didn’t think he’d have the joy of being in the company of his favourite animals again, due to his lack of mobility.

As part of PCG’s Magic Moment scheme, Charlie and Leigh, lifestyle coordinators at Weald Hall, worked with Whittingham Kennels to plan a special visit for Roy.

Martin, a volunteer at the shelter, brought Len, a black greyhound, to the care home to surprise Roy. The 85-year-old was overjoyed and spent time talking to Martin about their shared love for greyhounds.

In order to remember the special visit, Martin gave Roy a picture of Len to cherish the memories. He also bought him a brass greyhound ornament for his bedroom.

The visit ended with Martin giving a speech to all the residents. They enjoyed tea and biscuits, and watched a thrilling race that Len had won previously. The lively atmosphere made it feel like they were at the races.

Danielle Barham, care home manager at Weald Hall Care Home said:

“The fulfilment of Roy’s wish has brought immense joy. I am incredibly proud of the initiative and commitment demonstrated by my team in creating these special moments. Charlie did a fantastic job in coordinating this visit, which has brought significant happiness to Roy.”

“It is truly rewarding to enhance the lives of our residents in such meaningful ways.”