A young-at-heart resident living at Premium Care Group’s Churchfields Care Home in Cassington, went on a paintballing adventure with her friends.

Sheila Woodley, who has been a part of Churchfields Care Home for four years, fulfilled her wish of doing something adventurous before she turns 90 years old.

As part of the home’s Magic Moment scheme, activities coordinator at Churchfields, Faye arranged for Sheila to fulfil her wish of going paintballing.

It was a successful event and Sheila had a wonderful time. The 89-year-old said: “Doing activities like this makes me feel young again. We had so much fun but made such a mess that I felt terrible watching them clean it up!

“I love being mischievous and having fun with Faye, she’s one of the best people I know.”

Age is just a number 

The idea came about when some of the residents at the home were talking about how age can make them feel restricted but Faye believes that age has no limits and wanted to prove this to them.

She came up with a list of adventurous activities for the residents to choose from and they all agreed on paintballing, especially Sheila, who was very excited to try it.

Faye Tanner, who manages the activities programme at Churchfields, said:

“I think age shouldn’t limit anyone and all our residents should be able to live their life to the full. It was amazing seeing Sheila have fun and relive her childhood.”

Sharon Rhodes, deputy home manager at Churchfields, said: “Our lifestyle team do the most amazing things for our residents. They ensure our residents have an exciting and engaging lifestyle programme that includes activities, events and surprises.

“We are so pleased that we could make Sheila’s wish come true and look forward to being able to do the same for our other residents this year.”

This special day was organised as part of Premium Care Group’s Magic Moment scheme, aiming to enrich the lives of residents with meaningful activities or one-of-a-kind events and experiences.