The team at Weald Hall Care Home hosted their first-ever wedding ceremony for a resident, making a truly magic moment for the special couple.

Katherine and her husband exchanged their renewed vows in the presence of new and old friends and family in the care home’s lovely garden. The venue was decorated beautifully with flowers, blue and white balloons and elegant chairs for the guests.

The idea came about when staff noticed Katherine frequently spoke about getting married and would often say that she can’t stay as she was getting married that day.

Staff mentioned this to her husband Ray, who said that she had asked him on most visits if he had set a date and made arrangements for the wedding.

On hearing that, the team decided that they had to make her dream day come true.

The week before the ceremony, staff worked day and night to make sure everything was in order for the big day. Lifestyle coordinators, Leigh and Charlie went above and beyond to make sure that the day was perfect for the couple.

The day of the ceremony dawned with excitement, as staff and residents rushed about to make sure everything was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful, and left everyone in tears. It was such a remarkable moment for everyone present.

“Thank you to my team, especially Leigh and Charlie, for pulling off such a wonderful magic moment for our resident and her husband! It had us all in tears, and was truly a special day. Our team always strives to go above and beyond to make all of our residents happy and elevate their experience.”

Danielle, Weald Hall Care Home manager