“I have changed my life plan in order to stay in the Care Sector at Churchfields!”

With the anniversary of the first COVID-19 lockdown now passed, one of our very special carers has been reflecting upon the past year.

Shay Sparg, who is our Care Assistant here at Churchfields Care Home , changed her career plan in order to become a care professional during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shay was preparing to move to London to start a job in Interior Design in January 2020, however, just before she was about to move away, the COVID-19 Pandemic began in the United Kingdom.

Although this disrupted Shays’ initial plans, it allowed her some time to reconsider her interests and long-term career aspirations.

This encouraged Shay to approach Churchfields, where she undertook the role of Care Assistant in April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK.

Undertaking such an important role when the pandemic was at its height was understandably daunting, as Shay explains;

“My first day arriving at Churchfields, I felt really nervous. However, working in that environment meant that we had to just get on with it and do our best, whilst doing what was right for the residents at Churchfields, and so the nerves left me instantly.”

Churchfields offered Shay, who had little experience in the care sector, the job with the view to train her to become fully qualified, as Shay discusses.


“I instantly felt like part of the team! Churchfields employed me with almost no previous experience, but ensured I had full training and development. I started at the peak of the pandemic, which was really quite nerve-wracking. I just remember being in absolute awe of all the other staff members who were doing their utmost to ensure all residents were happy and safe at all times.”

“I felt inspired by their caring and hardworking nature. I said to myself: “that’s the kind of person I aspire to be, I want to be just like them!” After that, the rest is history – I became part of one big family. Churchfields have been amazing right from the start, and we are all really close.”

Shay is currently studying for her NVQ Level 3 and is being supported by Churchfields Care Home to become a Senior Carer, with the overall goal of developing Shay to the level of Care Practitioner.

Reflecting on the career move, Shay said:


“I definitely plan to stay in the care industry, I have pretty much changed my whole life plan and moved to Witney, where I now have my own little place, so that I can stay as part of the Churchfields team!”


Jane Roberts, owner of Churchfields Care Home, said:


“Shay has all the wonderful attributes, she is caring, kind, and compassionate, which is central to our philosophy at Churchfields Care Home. She has become an incredible asset to our team, it really is wonderful to see her flourish.”

We are so pleased to still be welcoming new residents and we have specific procedures in place to continue to support families who are looking for care for a loved one, whilst minimising the risk for both residents and staff.

To find out more about Churchfields, call  us on 01865 881440 or visit www.churchfieldscarehome.co.uk.

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