Churchfields respond to Australia’s bushfire crisis

Churchfields Care Home is donating to the fundraising effort for those affected by the Australian bushfire disaster, after residents expressed their concerns.

The blazes, which have been burning across Australia for months, have completely destroyed homes and wiped out entire towns. Nearly 18 million acres of land have been burned and the total number of animals affected could be as high as a billion.

In order to help with the catastrophic fires, staff and residents at Churchfields Care Home have started raising money and will be organising various events over the next couple of months, including coffee mornings to help with the donation appeal.

Jane Roberts, Owner of Churchfields Care Home, commented: “At Churchfields we are all in absolute awe of the work the firefighters are doing and desperately want to help restore what has been lost.

“There’s a plight of animals that have lost their habitat and lives which is heart-breaking. Our residents are keeping up with the news daily and are absolutely devastated to hear of the tragedies. We hope that the money we raise over the next few months can help the country at a time when they need it the most.”

Churchfields has a strong eco and wildlife interest and are therefore passionate about helping the thousands of inured koalas and millions of other native species. They have recently built an eco-garden to encourage more wildlife to the home.

Kath, a resident at Churchfields said: “It’s absolutely heart-breaking to see the animal deaths continuing to rise. Hopefully with everyone working together they will perform a miracle.”

John, another resident at the care home has a son living in Australia and has been very concerned. He said: “I speak to my son daily and it’s a relief to know he’s safe. Fortunately, he doesn’t have a lot of trees around him.”

Churchfields have created artwork linked to the bushfires that is displayed in the home and will also be decorating a box and placing it outside the home’s entrance to collect donations.

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