Beryl is whisked away in carriage ride for her 101st birthday!

One lovely resident at Churchfields has been treated recently to a very special horse and carriage ride for her birthday!

Beryl Silwowski, 101, was thrilled by her horse and carriage ride around the Bampton area.

Our staff were able to arrange this in honour of Beryl’s 101st birthday after she wished to go horseback riding on Dignity Action Day earlier this year. The carriage ride took place on Wednesday 13th April whilst the sun was shining over Cote Farm Barn near Bampton!

Churchfields Activities Coordinator, Karen, said:

“In her younger years, Beryl was an avid horse rider and several times expressed an interest to the Churchfields team that she was longing to be back on a horse again. The team were able to grant this wish as part of Dignity Action Day and as a celebration of Beryl’s 101st birthday, which is incredible in itself.”

Dignity Action Day is an annual event that was celebrated on February 1st. The day is in place for health and social workers to ensure they are providing a dignified service and to celebrate people in their care.

Karen continued:

“Beryl had an amazing time whilst enjoying the horse and carriage ride and the smile on her face was a joy to witness. It was amazing for our team to be a part of this special moment with her – it makes our day to know that we are fulfilling the lives of our wonderful residents here at Churchfields, which is at the heart of everything we do.”

Beryl was born on the 9th of April 1921 and celebrated her birthday recently with lots of family visits, gifts and cards.

Beryl’s daughter, Nina Russel, and family were so pleased to see that Beryl’s lifetime wish had been granted.

Happy Birthday Beryl!


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