A magic moment at ‘Costa Del Churchfields’

Resident Sheila Woodley was treated to a magic moment by the sea after hearing her long for another trip to the shore, an activity she and her late husband would enjoy. 

September’s monthly residents’ meeting revealed Sheila’s love for and desire to return to the shore. In the meetings, where residents review and discuss upcoming events and activities with staff, conversations often turn to what residents wished they did more of. 

Sheila described her trips to Bournemouth with her late husband and expressed missing the feeling of sand between her toes, the waves lapping against her feet and a cheeky ice cream on the promenade.

After seeing how animated Sheila became and how fondly she spoke of her trips away, the staff felt motivated to help her relive her seaside adventures. This proved to be challenging as Sheila, along with many other residents, would find a two-hour journey to the nearest beach too uncomfortable.

Instead of trying to embark on the difficult trip, the staff at the home decided to bring the beach to Sheila and as such, ‘Costa Del Churchfields’ was created. The staff sourced a sandpit and paddling pool and even arranged for an ice cream van to come and make the day special.

Sheila was overcome with emotion when she realised that this was set up for her and in memory of her late husband, stating that she was “thrilled to be able to relive an experience she never thought she would be able to again.” 

It wasn’t just Sheila who enjoyed the experience, with staff and other residents asking for an afternoon at ‘the beach’. The head housekeeper, Suzanne, couldn’t resist dipping her feet in the pool, with Tim, our home’s project manager taking a full-body plunge.

The Magic Moment scheme was started by our lifestyle team and aims to enrich the lives of residents with meaningful activities or one-of-a-kind events and experiences.If you’d like to know more about life at Churchfields or would like to take a tour of the home, feel free to call us on 01865 881440 or use our contact form.

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