Churchfields resident experiences a ‘magic moment’ as her dream comes true

One of our lovely residents at Churchfields got her ‘magic moment’ when she was recently surprised with a visit to St Mary’s Convent after two decades.

Gladys had been a part of the St Mary’s community for almost 10 years and thoroughly enjoyed her time there. She hadn’t been back for nearly 20 years and was delighted when we arranged the visit. 

One of our staff members accompanied Gladys as they drove down to St Mary’s. We arranged for a guided tour of the convent. The tour guide told us about all the changes that were made to it in the past couple of decades and Gladys really enjoyed learning all about it.

The people at St Mary’s gave us a very warm welcome and also gave us two bottles of sweet apple juice made from the apples grown in their orchard. Gladys was quite touched by the gesture and enjoyed the juice on our way back home. 

Gladys has been a resident at Churchfields for over a year and has become a loved member of our tight knit community.

At Churchfields, it is our priority to provide person-centred care for all our residents. We plan these ‘magic moments’ for our residents to make their time with us special and memorable. 

If you would like to find out more about the care we provide at Churchfields, give us a call on 01865 881440 or arrange a time to come down and visit us.

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